Hashtag Banana Style

Hey everybody, did you know today is Banana Day? 🙂 Here on the blog, we’re not going to fuss over recipes and such- besides, I’m on a diet. Instead, I thought it would be fun to see a round up of funky banana themed home decor finds! So sit back, peel yourself a nice ripe banana and feast your eyes on banana inspiration all around the house…

Naturally we have to kick things off with wallpaper- this is a wallpaper blog after all! 🙂 Check out this lovely banana leaf wallpaper. I found it on madebylemon.co.za.

banana leaf wallpaper

Fancy making some banana curtains? Well you need look no further. Here is some lovely Tommy Bahama fabric I found for you. Via Pinterest.

banana fabric


Not sure it would go with my home’s decor, but here is a peeled back banana chair. It just might be ripe for your living room! Via homedit.com.



Here is the famous Andy Warhol Banana painting redone as a throw pillow. You can pick it up super cheap here: www.aliexpress.com.

banana pillow


This one is definitely a little out there. Feast your eyes on this throw blanket complete with our fruit of the day and a variety of creepy crawlies. You can also get it as a duvet cover, and I would definitely recommend it if you would like ants on your bed, ok? Found at society6.com.

banana throw blanket


Let’s not forget about the bath. How about a cute banana and turquoise shower curtain to funk up your bathroom? Found on H & M (www.hm.com).

banana shower curtain


Here’s a pop art-inspired banana overhead lampshade I found over at customprintco.co.uk.

banana lampshade

And here’s a really cool sconce complete with monkeys crawling up vines to get to the bananas. Found on Pinterest.

stained glass banana monkey sconce

Ok, so that was fun! Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy #BananaDay. Good to know that you can rock some banana style all around your home right? Hoping this put a smile on your face today as you search for your favorite banana recipes and such 🙂

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