Black and White Wallpaper Patterns – Trendy Styles That Easily Transform Your Room

Decorating with Black and White Wallpaper is a fun and easy way to elevate and add instant sophistication to your favorite space. The monochromatic element won’t overwhelm, so feel free to go big with your favorite pattern.  Here are some great ideas from our store, and found around the ‘net to help inspire you, and show you how this medium can be used to style small and larger rooms alike.

Contemporary living room with Zebra Stripes. This textural image of the side of a live zebra appears velvety. Zebra print wallpaper–fantastic!

Zebra Wall Mural

Here is the laundry room of my dreams. Ok, there are subtle hints of color here, but I still consider this black and white. Anyways, how fun would it be to do chores in this beautiful space? 🙂 Found on Pinterest.

black and white wallpaper laundry room


I really like this light and airy bedroom. The delicate floral wallpaper pattern is pretty without being too feminine. Pops of black on are super pretty- on the frames, lampshades, bedside table and valences.

bedroom wallpaper black and white


Here is one of our designs. The spirit of fleur-de-lis meets dainty doilies in this black and white classic pattern. Add sophistication to your kitchen, bath, or entryway with this sweet and classy design.

black and white wallpaper


Here is a farmhouse- inspired mudroom with lots of charm and rustic appeal. The coat hook is made from an old drying rack- isn’t that a cute idea? Found on theprojectfarm.mudroom wallpaper black and white


Who says you can’t go bold in the powder room? Check out this cool design that turns a ho-hum space into a stylish commode that really makes a statement! Found on Pinterest.

powder room black and white wallpaper


And last but not least, here is a  beautiful graphic black and white patterned wallpaper adding some glam to a Washington D.C couple’s condo entryway. Swoon! Found on apartmenttherapy.

black and white wallpaper entryway

Well that was fun! I hope this helped get your creative juices flowing! 🙂 Are you thinking of going bold with black and white patterned wallpaper? Tell me about your current project in the comments! 🙂